It takes many volunteers to save a Sheltie. Alberta Sheltie Rescue is always looking for Volunteers to help in various positions. We are forever grateful to those special people who Volunteer their time and effort to help rescue Shelties. If you are interested and feel you can help make a difference, please contact us albertasheltierescue@yahoo.ca. Below is a list of some of the ways you can help out.

"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer." ~Author Unknown



Foster Homes

Cedar & Sasha

Alberta Sheltie Rescue does not operate in a shelter facility, every Sheltie in our care depends on a foster home. We require qualified and committed foster homes who can provide shelter, food, and a loving family to Shelties in need. If you are interested in being a Foster Home please contact us for an application form. We require a home visit with all family members present and references. We prefer foster homes with shelties in the home and experience with the breed. If you are interested in fostering certain types of dogs – puppies only for instance or shy dogs – please indicate this on your application.


Home Visits

We require home visits for all foster home applications and for potential adopters – one of our volunteers with fostering experience is usually requested to do this job.



From time to time we have a dog surrendered to us who lives outside the city but within the province and so it is necessary to arrange for transportation from the home to the foster home.



From time to time we have a fundraiser, usually at agility trials or dog shows. Here we sell items we have made such as dog beds and tug toys. These are often a 2-3 day commitment and so a number of volunteers are required to work at the table.