The Owner Surrender Process

Surrendering your Sheltie can be a very difficult decision. If you find that you are unable to care for your Sheltie and feel that surrendering your dog is the only available option, please contact us The Intake Coordinator will call you and discuss the dog and circumstances with you. Please be honest with us. There is always a temptation to not tell the whole story so you do not appear in a bad light. Please understand that we cannot take dogs with a history of biting or with behaviour problems; unfortunately we do not have the resources to work with dogs with these problems.


Requirements For Surrendering a Sheltie

Alberta Sheltie Rescue requires owners that want to place their Sheltie with us, to sign an owner Hunter & Keidosurrender agreement.
With this agreement, the former owners agrees to

- Release full ownership of their dog to ASR, understanding that the dog becomes the property of Alberta Sheltie Rescue.

- Agrees that no legal liability will befall ASR, either by them or any previously unknown owners.

- Cannot attempt to reclaim the dog, but are welcome to contact ASR to see how the dog is doing.

- Required to grant /ASR/ the right to give the dog any medical treatment deemed necessary and to place the dog in an approved foster or adoptive home.