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Accepting Applications for Guinness


Guinness is a male Sheltie approximately 7 years of age. He is on the tall size for a Sheltie and weighs 30 pounds.

Guinness knows his basic commands and is a smart dog. He loves to go for walks but is very reactive on leash to other dogs nearby. He is not reactive to people walking. Food aggression with him is also an issue and he needs to be fed in a contained area away other pets in the house.

When he is loose with other dogs he loves to play. He is bothered though by high strung dogs and has difficulty dealing with them. Bonding with his humans is no problem. He loves pets, tummy rubs and brushing.

Most times with visitors he is very social. When he is unsure of new people in the house he needs a quiet place to chill out and usually is fine when reintroduced to them.

Guinness is not a pet for the first time dog owner. He needs a family that has had lots of experience with dogs. He will need a family with a very docile other pet or no other pets. A home without small children would be best. His ideal family would need to be willing to work with absolute consistency, on his prey drive and aggression issues is essential. Working with a trainer/behaviorist who specializes in dog aggression would be most beneficial. Guinness has a lot of love to give to his forever family.

Guinness' ideal family:

  • is very experienced with dogs
  • has a fully fenced, secure back yard
  • is willing to work with a trainer/behaviourist to help Guinness with his reactive behaviours and food aggression

Guiness is fostered in the Red Deer area and his adoption fee is $350.00.

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Accepting Applications for Petunia


Hey Everyone – this beautiful girl is Petunia. She is an 8-year- old Sheltie X and ready for her new forever home. She is a very laid back, loving girl and loves her belly rubs. She is a bit shy at first but quickly opens up and willingly gives kisses.

We are very proud of Petunia – she recently completed her Level 2 Agility!

She loves going for walks, playing in her backyard and lounging on her favorite blanket. She has a very thick coat that has been shaved many times over the years. We recommend that she have regular grooming sessions to keep the coat well maintained and free of mats.

Petunia was raised in a home without other pets but is getting along very well with her foster brother so she could go to a home with or without other dogs. Since we do not know how she is with cats, we recommend her new home does not have cats or other small pets.

Petunia has hypothyroidism – a very common sheltie condition. It is easily managed with medication. She will need annual blood work to ensure the levels are being properly maintained. She also has diabetes insipidus (water diabetes). She drinks(and pees) excessively . Because her kidneys are incapable of concentrating her urine, she is prone to urinary tract infections. She currently takes a cranberry supplement which seems to be helping. Her conditions are permanent and she will require regular vetting.

It is very important that Petunia’s new owners understand that she needs access to water at all times. Because she is not able to concentrate her urine she eliminates often and can become dangerously dehydrated in a very short period of time.

The ideal forever home for Petunia:

  • Has a fully secured, fenced backyard
  • Has no small pets or small children
  • Has ample opportunity for her to get daily exercise
  • Is willing/able to ensure she continues with her medications/supplements, has regular blood/urine work-ups and is regularly vetted.

Petunia is fostered in the Calgary area. Her adoption fee is $350.00.


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