Happy Endings

 The following Shelties were all placed in their forever homes in 2013!


Puppy-Hanna Puppy/Hanna has found a wonderful forever home is in settling very well.

Her new owner absolutely adores her and the two of them will get to spend lots of time together.


Sadie Sadie is adopted!

She is very happy in her new home with her two big sheltie brothers!


Maverick This is Maverick. He is a wonderful gentle dog. Well mannered, quiet and a delight to have around. Maverick has lived a quite life with a senior couple. Maverick is a gentle playful dog with lots of energy.

Maverick has found his forever home and has settled in well.


Loki Loki is a lively energetic 10 month old puppy. He is very energetic and is lots of fun to have around. He is a real talker and has the potential to be a good agility dog. He is extremely fast.

Loki has found his forever home and has settled in with no problems at all. He has a new sheltie sister with a similar play drive and the two are getting along very well.


Chloe Chloe has just recently gone to her new home.


Yookie Yookie has just recently gone to her new home.


Dexter Dexter has just recently gone to his new home.


Riley Riley is happily settled and having fun.


Zanda Zanada is having fun and keeping very active.


Cooper Cooper - enjoying his new home and his very own dog run.


Skiddles Skittles picked her forever home and is going to love having all the attention.


Bentley Bentley really didn't get very far - his foster family has decided they can't let him go. They have quite a bond and it didn't take long for him to win the hearts of his new family

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