Happy Endings

 The following Shelties were all placed in their forever homes in 2012!


Katie Katie came to us because her owner had to move into assisted living which would not allow a dog. She travelled everywhere with her owner. Now she has settled in nicely with a senior couple who also travel a lot and is the only dog – just the situation Katie loves!


Kobe Kobe was with his breeder too long and was not well socialised. Hard work with his fosters helped him a lot and he has happily moved into a home who lost a sheltie recently and whose other sheltie was looking for a new companion.


Amber Amber is 3 years old and came into our care after her owner could not continue to care for her because of medical issues. This was already her 3rd home. Amber was quite timid/shy, and did not seem to have been well socialized. Amber spent some months with her foster family. She made slow and steady progress and eventually they fell in love with her quirky personality and adopted her themselves.


Teddy Teddy was dumped by his owner in somebody’s yard and left there. The home owners were away at the time and a relative of theirs came to get him. They surrendered him to ASR. Teddy was a very very shy dog, had obviously never been well socialised. He did well for his foster family though, eventually enjoying all the things dogs usually do. He was adopted by a very caring family. They love him to bits and he travels all summer with them and their other dog. In the winter he enjoys helping with chores around the farm.


Katie SASSY was almost 11 years old. She was surrendered to ASR because of persistant peeing in the house. A vet assessment prior to surrender showed that a large lump on her chest ( recently discovered by owner,) was a mast cell tumor and that she would probably not live more than a year. Sassy was a lively, friendly girl who solicited petting, enjoyed being outside and going for walks and never peed inside. Because of her medical diagnosis she was not made available for adoption. We would like to thank those caring people who made donations to help with Sassy’s medical costs. Because of your donations, Sassy was never a burden to ASR financially and was able to live in comfort. Sassy died suddenly in the arms of her foster mom in June of this year. RIP sweet Sassy. We have no regrets.


Tazz Tazz is a beautiful boy. Tazz came from a senior couple moving into a seniors complex and couldn't take him. Tazz is housebroken, no known health issues, everything up to date. He walks well on leash although not very far. At his old home he never left his yard area in spite of there being no fence. He is a quiet gentle dog and will need a quiet gentle home. Tazz is very overweight. His new owners will have to be committed to reducing his weight dramatically as he needs to lose about 10 lbs. Tazz plays very well with other animals, and is tolerant of both dogs and cats. He is not fond of small children and so we will be placing him in a home with adults.

Tazz has now found his forever family.



Tasha is a sweet, friendly girl. When the family environment is calm and quiet, Tasha is calm and quiet too. However, she becomes anxious when meeting most men and some women. Unusual noises and objects also make her nervous. She is good in the house, sleeps by the bed, and asks to go out. She plays well with the other dogs at her foster home We expect that Tasha will do exceptionally well in a country home.


Gracie Gracie came to us as a stray. How someone could lose her and not come looking for her is a mystery to us. She is sweet, gentle, well mannered, loving and affectionate. She is much loved by her new forever family.


Tasha Jack came to us when his owner realised she was working and away from home too many hours and Jack was very lonely. She entrusted us to find him a new home, and we have found him a caring family where one person works from home so although he has no other doggy siblings there to play with he does have his person all day. Jack is settling in very nicely.

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