Happy Endings

 The following Shelties were all placed in their forever homes in 2011!


Taylor is a handsome, a 8 yr old tri color who came to us because of home downsizing. He is a happy dog but typical of shelties a bit reserved with strangers initially. He likes to be with 'his people' and has found a home with a retired gentleman who lost his last sheltie several years ago and was ready to share again.


MurphyMuphy is a young adult who came to ASR when his owner developed medical issues. He is now happily living on a rural property with another sheltie, lab and a variety of farm animals for company! He will soon start onedience training and perhaps agility will be in his future.


MiaMia, not quite a year old, was rescued by a kind lady from what appeared to be an unfortunate situation but she could not keep her. Mia may have had at least two homes before. We are not sure what mix she is. She had never been walked on a leash but learnt quickly and easily warmed up to strangers. In her new forever home she is busy training her new human and a young cat!


Zorro Zorro is a 10 month old bi-black. whose family realised they did not have the time to devote to a dog. Zorro proved to be a delightful fellow. He is friendly and outgoing. A typical lively pup, he plays hard with the other dogs then sleeps peacefully. He has lost some of his excess weight. Zorro will benefit from some basic obedience training but his foster family are already working on this. Zorro already knows many commands, they just need a little polishing. Zorro has been adopted by one of our foster families who have always had shelties and currently have one. Zorro is learning to live with some other animals including horses and learning lots of new commands. He is about to start basic agility training.


ChynaChyna is a lovely 9 year old whose owner died suddenly She is well trained, knows lots of command and tricks, is good with other dogs and children.She rides well in the car and behaved impeccably at the groomers. She has obviously had some Rally-obedience training and is known to have done some herding on sheep. Chyna was adopted by a family who adopted another ASR sheltie several years ago and is doing well in her new home.


FinlayFinlay arrived in foster care at the age opf 2 years His family surrendered him because he was being a bit aggressive with a new, younger pup especially over food. He is rather shy and barks at the doorbell and strange people coming into the house so perhaps he was not socialized very well. Sounds like some good training will help this little fellow. In foster care Finlay came along nicely, learning new manners and with no signs of aggression. He continues to do well in his new home.


SadieThis lovely bi blue is about 11-12 years old. She lived most of her live outside until a couple of years ago. She was recently surrendered to the SPCA because the owner could no longer care for her. She was morbidly obese! Since coming into our care Sadie has been on a careful diet and exercise program to get those pounds off. The excess weight was causing blood pressure and possible kidney problems and the risk of stroke and these have been addressed. After 6 months in foster care Sadie had lost about 20 pounds and it had a noticeable effect on her behaviour. She is much more alert, enjoys her walks, will chase a ball, solicits play with the other dogs and is able to negotiate stairs easily. She is a big sheltie ( apart from the weight!) and has a lovely friendly personality, gets along well with humans ,dogs and cats. All the problems that she initially exhibited have returned to normal now her weight is reasonable. She was adopted by a family who continue her exercise and diet regime and will ensure her last years are good ones.


Buddy Buddy is thought to be a sheltie mix,7 yrs old. We dont know what the mix is but he is sure cute, almost competely white except for his ears and his butt! Medical issues meant the family who have only had him for 1 year have had to surrender him to ASR. He was originally surrendered to the SPCA and his previous history is unknown. Unfortunately Buddy had too much to eat and too little exercise so he was significantly overweight. When he first arrived in rescue he spent most of his days lying on his blanket and could not climb stairs. A rigid diet and lots of exercise and he began to enjoy walks, could run up the stairs and although not losing much weight has lost a lot of girth He was livelier and more sociable. He was adopted by a senior lady who loved to walk and has continued to slim down!


Annie Annie came to ASR after her owner died and the remaining family member s were unable to look after her. She had in fact escaped while on a walk and was on the run for 3 days eventually showing up back at her home. She was quite shy but in foster care gradually came out of her shell. She was adopted by a single lady who had never owned a dog as an adult and has continued to progress nicely.

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