The Adoption Process

Is a Sheltie Right For You?

Brodie & SmokeyShelties were bred to herd sheep in the Shetland Islands, off the coast of Scotland. They are alert and active dogs who enjoy participating in family activities. Shelties are herding dogs and so interaction with younger children should be supervised. They are highly trainable, quick to learn, and have strong desires to please. Shelties are very intelligent and love to work with their handlers, excelling in obedience, agility and herding. Their size and beauty make them desirable pets to many people. They require regular grooming at least once a week. Shelties can be barkers and because of this make excellent watch dogs. This can also be a negative trait. Shelties are very loyal to their families and that is probably their most endearing trait.

Do your homework first. You can find a lot of information about Shelties on-line. Talk with people who already own Shelties if there are any in your vicinity. Go to dog shows - that will give you an opportunity to see lots of Shelties and talk with breeders. There are often Sheltie owners with dogs in obedience and rally obedience classes and they will usually be happy to talk to you about the breed (just don't interrupt them if they are waiting to go in the ring!) In Alberta, check for show dates at the web sites of the Alberta Kennel Club and the Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club. The winter AKC show is a Sheltie specialty. The Edmonton Kennel Club also has big shows every year and there are Kennel Clubs in most large cities in Alberta who host shows.


What You Need To Know About Adopting a Sheltie From Us

The first step towards adopting a Sheltie is to complete our adoption application form. From your application, we learn about your preferences, as well as your home environment, lifestyle and former experience with dogs. This helps us find a good match for both the Sheltie and your family. One of our volunteers will then come to your home for a home visit.


How To Apply to Adopt a Sheltie

Step 1:  Download Our Adoption Application

Step 2:  Fill out the application completely

Step 3:  Email the application back to us at Just a reminder to attach the application to your email, some people forget to do this.

Step 4: Be patient! Once we have received your application, one of our adoption volunteers will be in touch with you to discuss your request to adopt.


What Is Sent Home With Your Sheltie

All Shelties are spayed/neutered before leaving our rescue. They are also brought up to date with their vaccinations. All dogs are sent home with a martingale collar, unless the new owner already has one. We supply a small amount of food - whatever they are currently used to eating. We also supply CKC registration papers if we have them and if the dog is licensed in Calgary, the license and ownership transfer forms. Some vet records may be supplied. If the dog came into our care with toys and clothes these are also sent with the dog to his new home. Each dog will take with them a dog toy and dog bed, if the rescue has enough donated at the time.


Adoption Donation

An adoption donation is necessary to help in off setting the costs of vet care. The amount of the donation is determined by the age and condition of the Sheltie. We will require that an adoption contract be signed.